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Benny Rogosnitzky Offers Some Advice on Being Divorced During Seder

For Benny Rognitzky, divorce can be incredibly tough. This is why he founded Frum Divorce. He wanted to help others deal with the challenges of divorce in a loving, religious-minded community where everyone would help each other out rather than cast judgment. Seder is one of the most important days of the year for Jewish […]

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Joint Custody: Sharing Friends After Divorce

Divorces can often times be overly complicated. From divvying up the assets to creating a new, more manageable schedule for the children, it seems the intricacies of divorce never end. That is ┬áBenny Rogosnitzky co-founded Frum Divorce, an organization dedicated to helping families deal with the pains associated with divorce. While some aspects of a […]

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Divorce in the Jewish Community

Divorce rates are rising in the Jewish community. Believe it or not, divorce rates in the Jewish community are about equal to divorce rates among the general population. Changes to divorce laws, shifting social attitudes, and rising expectations of marriage are all contributing to higher divorce rates. But, while divorce is becoming more common, the […]