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Divorce in the Jewish Community

Divorce rates are rising in the Jewish community. Believe it or not, divorce rates in the Jewish community are about equal to divorce rates among the general population. Changes to divorce laws, shifting social attitudes, and rising expectations of marriage are all contributing to higher divorce rates. But, while divorce is becoming more common, the social stigma associated with divorce remains strong.

Marriage, the foundation of Jewish life is very sacred, when married you and your partner’s souls become one. Because marriage is so integral to Jewish life, divorce is often discouraged in the Jewish community. When a marriage fails, feelings of guilt and shame tend to emerge. Additionally, the usual issues associated with divorce— such as loss of security or financial stability— divorcees’ social lives can be greatly impacted.

The implications of divorce have a significant impact not only on divorcees, but also their children. The children are usually the ones who suffer the most during a divorce.

Frum Divorce, a community organization co-founded by Cantor Benny Rogosnitzky, seeks to engage the Jewish community about the effects of divorce on frum divorce families. Families are vulnerable following a divorce, and the community should be responsive to this and provide some much-needed support. Frum Divorce  provides support groups, community outreach programs and events to help frum divorce families cope with the challenges and trauma of divorce and build a brighter future. The organization does not stigmatize divorce, but rather engages the community to help frum divorce families move forward.

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